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have a great friday. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington on your side. >> we are learning more about a deadly shooting in minneapolis. the gunmen killed four people before shooting and killing himself. >> i am cynne simpson. >> i am brad bell. let's get right to jacqui jeras. >> we are tracking some thunderstorms on doppler radar at this hour. many areas picking up between half of an inch to as much as 1 inch and a half, believe it or not. we will take you down a long i- 95 toward dumfries and dale
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city. this will be pulling out of here in the next couple of hours. remington about 1 inch and a half. our forecast today, partly sunny and 67. 74 degrees at noon. by 5:00 partly sunny and a few showers developing at 78 degrees. the weekend is not looking bad. we will tell you more about that in a minute. what's head over to angelo with traffic. >>-- angela with traffic. >> traveling around the beltway we have been dealing with accident clean up since after midnight. as you travel through bethesda from old georgetown road to passed 355, traffic still a little slow. a tractor-trailer accident with
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fuel spilled and a lot of clean up, express' -- expect some delays in that area. southbound we have a war zone active. an accident blocking two left lanes. >> thank you. we have a developing story from minnesota where four people died. the gunmen shot them before killing himself. published reports say the gunmen recently lost his job with the company. >> a vigil will be held tonight for the teen killed monday in a car crash. 16-year-old was on his way to school when the car he was riding in hit a tree. his sister was seriously the crash. a third passenger was not hurt.
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>> d.c. police will resume their blood -- and breath of alcohol testing program today. they were suspended in 2010 after an accurately collaborated equipment caused hundreds of the w a i convictions into question. the new lost affect august 1. -- laws took effect august 1. >> there you see it. the nfl officials returning to work and receiving a warm welcome. >> the game went off without a hitch, especially with the ravens taking the wind. >> fireworks to get the crowd going. you could not forget a little touch of the toe for good luck. baltimore ravens vans were
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hungry for victory. >> it is a about time. we need the professionals to do their job. >> hours after the commissioner apologized to fans for three weeks of replacement officials. >> not just the baltimore ravens, but all of the teens got bad calls. >> the final play. >> nobody can forget this. this play cost the green bay packers the game. >> you hate to see your tim go down like green day did on a bad call. >> it may have pushed parties to agree on a deal to bring back the regular officials. >> at the end of the day, howis the nfl bringing in? >> this was just a bump in the
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road to hoping they can get back to the football we all love that. >> i just hate to see all the players up in arms. i want to see clean football. >> the message is consistent. fans say the nfl should focus on the fans and the game instead of the money. >> a former baylor university student accused of trying to extort money from robert griffin iii third has pleaded guilty. richard hurd threatened to release damaging information if he did not receive $1 million. >> turning to the presidential race. candidates are back on the campaign trail one day after both appeared in virginia. president obama will attend three campaign events in the district while mitt romney will visit pennsylvania and massachusetts.
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this comes on the heels of a memo that was distributed to surrogates. beth meyers outlines a series of reasons they think the president will emerge as the winner of the first debate. president obama is one of the most talented political communicators and modern history and this would be his eighth presidential debate while mitt romney's first. the campaign insists the debates will not decide the election. >> linda bell is live from bloomberg headquarters. >> after two weeks of flight delays for american airlines on-time arrivals are starting to improve. the carrier is threatening legal action against union pilots saying they are slowing down operations and hurting the
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bottom line. they have been going on since september 14. something to keep in mind if you fly united. uil will start replacing their outdated equipment beginning on monday. united suffered from multiple technical problems after a update in march. as we head into the weekend 711 stores are giving away free large size coffee at participating locations. it is all an honor of national coffee day. 711 is having some fun with the deal. you can choose an obama or romney cup to cast your vote ahead of the election. it can log on to their website to see who is winning. >> everybody wanting to get a
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little insight. >> i wonder what they come up count will be. >> it is 4:37 right now. >> still to come, find out which local company has stepped in to
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>> welcome back.
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it is time for a check on the weather with jacqui jeras. it was kind of hot and sticky at 3:00 this morning. >> we had some under stern's across the area. we will be humid throughout most of the day. warm temperatures will stick around for a another one. let's look at super doppler. just south of alexandria heading into prince george's county we have another thunderstorm heading toward falls church and another one of around wheaton. these will die down in the next hour or so. 69 in d.c., 65 degrees at dulles. looking for partly sunny skies and most of the day dry. the thunderstorms will return again late this afternoon or early this evening. the high temperature is 76, but a few areas will reach up to 80
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degrees again. it is the weekend. how is the traffic? >> it has already started. we are starting with a couple of incidents already. we will start on 95 southbound. that is where you will see the works on has been picked up between 17 and 3. we are still blocking the left lane with a crash. going into i-66, a little heavy traffic earlier between 110 blocking the right lane with a crash. we continue with accident clean up around the capital beltway for those traveling in maryland. the inner loop passed 395 from old georgetown road slow traffic as we blog two lines with that crash. a lot of heavy traffic already in a few spots as you head out for the friday morning drive. >> looking ahead toward the weekend, it might be tough for
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you to get around on metro. >> there will be no orange line service between vienna and east falls church and no green line from southern avenue until branch ave. shuttle buses will be available. there will be no work on the blue line. >> that is good news. there is also good news that a plan is in place to keep metro running if any washington national's playoff games run late. the online company living social says they will pay for the service. >> that is a good neighbor moved. >> i am interested to see what the deal as. >> it is a deposit. they get it back if they did
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that have to use it up. 4:43 and 65 degrees outside. >> prepare
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>> a man hailed as a hero is expected to be in court today after a preliminary hearing on sexual misconduct charges. police say he met a 12-year-old girl in august that a park near bethesda. he was called a hero for performing cpr on a teeny electrocuted on the night of the storm. meghan and was arrested in june after allegations that she drowned and injured wallaby at
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the zoo. police said she told them she euthanize the animal, but the zoo does not have the training or the certification to do that. new developments following the arrest of three men and a severe beating of a man near eastern market. >> police had his cell phone before figuring it out it was his. hours after the suspect beat him, they robbed three others. the fun was difficult to trace because the battery was dead and the seven card had been removed. -- sim card had been removed. >> i can say goodbye to some of the plans and dreams we had made for ourselves. >> the suspects appeared in court yesterday. they have been held without
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bond. the next hearing is set for october 12. >> take a look at these pictures. police believe the man you see on your screen is responsible for at least eight burglaries or attempted burglaries in silver spring. this happened between september 12 and september 18. three occurred on the 800 block of juniper street. >> pepco and union officials will meet again this afternoon in an effort to avoid a strike. on wednesday union workers rejected what the company called its final contract offer. a few points are changes in health benefits. the last time pepco workers went on strike was in 1985. >> a d.c. councilman and former mayor marion barry is writing his memoirs. he says it will trace his life from growing up poor and the
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south to his years as a civil rights politician. he will not shy away. >> that will be a good read. the man has stories to tell. >> i think it will be a best seller. >> abc 7 goes one on one with a woman who
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>> good morning washington. i am jacqui jeras. did you wake up early from the storms? we are still dealing with that at this hour. ride along the corridor getting ready to cross the potomac another strong thunderstorms. none of these are severe, but they are putting down heavy rain. if you can hold off heading out the door, i would do so. it will probably miss with traffic a little. manassas has just about 1.7 inches of rain. bristow just under 1 inch. the forecast for today, partly sunny and 67 degrees. 74 degrees by noon. most of the day dry again. we will see storms redevelop late in the day.
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how about it, angela? >> we are dealing with quite a few trouble spots out there. we've mentioned the word zone on i-95 in virginia toward frederiksberg between 17 and route 3 out of the way. they are getting that out of the roadway as well. plans are reopened but we are still looking at sluggish traffic. traffic is heavier on i-66. on the eastbound side of 66 as you approach 110. there is a right plane blocked with this crash. 29 on the lee highway. the jackknife tractor-trailer on the right side near 355 rockville pike and it should be out of the way in a short time. sluggish around old georgetown road on the inner loop to pass 355. that is the latest.
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>> 4:54 right now. many turned in last night to catch the season premiere of "scandal." the show tells a story of a woman pose a crisis management business. >> it is inspired by judy smith, a professional fixer. alison starling caught up with smith to talk about the new season and what to expect. >> judy smith is adjusting to her new-found of fame. she and stop by fans all the time. one question comes up frequently. >> did you have an affair with the president? >> the character is inspired by judy smith with everyone from marion barry to monica lewinsky, she is quick to remind us it is a television show.
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>> they have really done a terrific job at taking the crisis work i do very high stakes. it is, size then to television. if he followed me around every day i would bore you to tears. >> i have to ask for a sneak peek into the new season. she said her complicated character will continue to develop in unexpected ways. >> olivia has an incredible personality. she is very strong at work and compassionate. her personal life is a little messy. i think you can plan on that to get even more complicated and even more messy as the episode still a long. >> smith, says the edge of the see drama will get more intense by the episode. >> it will get crazier as the episodes go on. stay tuned.
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>> it has even more clients as a result of "scandal's" success. she says she is a local girl who loves to stay home with the husband and kids whenever possible. >> this morning we are wrapping up a special give away an honor of abc's bigot premiere week. >> you have until 6:00 to sign up to win a gift basket. we do have last season's dvd in it. we will announce our final winner at the 6:00 hour. do not delay. >> you did not switch that desk? >> i wanted to. it is 4:57 rainout. >> a new study focusing on the
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